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Accountants: Ask Venar any tax law questions you might have (no charge)

Here’s his mobile number: 248-943-1142

His email is: venar@ayarlaw.com

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A good Tax Lawyer in your corner

Hello fellow tax professional,

My expertise is not only in dealing with the tax code, but in favorably resolving Federal and state tax problems. I know the procedural rules inside and out, and I know how things actually work at the IRS.

Please feel free to call or email me anytime (no charge) and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have. I'll spend as much time as you need in talking about your client's situation.

Why am I offering free legal advice?

Because building relationships seem like a win/win. I'm not looking to get anything specific out of this – I enjoy my work, I'm good at it, and I have lots of valuable knowledge... and I believe helping accountants in my community is a longer-term way for me to sustain a healthy law practice.

Some example questions you might have:

  • – "How do I advise a certain client who has fallen behind in personal or business taxes?"
  • – "What's the best way for one of my clients to deal with an audit?"
  • – "Can I get a client off the hook through a Penalty Abatement or Innocent Spouse Relief?"
  • – "What do I tell clients who have undisclosed Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts?"

We can discuss all the options available to your clients, like strategy for an Offer in Compromise.
Plus I know most of the auditors and revenue officers in town and depending on who you might be dealing with, I can help you come up with a tailored game plan.

More questions I can answer:

  • – "What should I do if I suspect a client may have committed tax fraud?"
  • – "What about my own exposure to penalties as a tax preparer?"

I handle tax controversies of every type, including criminal tax defense. And I know all about how the IRS investigates preparers, so I can give you sound advice in that area as well.

Honestly, I really don't mind answering questions!

Contact me anytime. My mobile number is: 248-943-1142 and my email is: venar@ayarlaw.com

At your service,

Venar Ayar Venar R. Ayar
Attorney-at-Law, Master of Laws in Taxation

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