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Video Excerpt: “When you call a firm for tax help, ask to speak directly to a Tax Lawyer, because there are scammers out there who won’t let you.”

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IRS audit reconsideration

How to Appeal a Past Tax Audit

Finding out the IRS is auditing your tax return can be stressful enough, but  ...

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IRS tax lawyer

5 IRS Issues a Tax Attorney Can Help You Resolve

While you can work with a tax preparer to file your annual taxes, there ...

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wage garnishment removal

How to Have Wage Garnishments Removed

If you owe money in back taxes, the IRS can legally take any income ...

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trust fund tax penalties

Penalties for Not Turning Trust Fund Taxes Over to the IRS

When you pay your employees, you are not paying them all of the money ...

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How an Offer In Compromise Works

Do you owe back taxes to the IRS?  Until your debt is paid in ...

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