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Video Excerpt: “When you call a firm for tax help, ask to speak directly to a Tax Lawyer, because there are scammers out there who won’t let you.”

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5 benefits of hiring a tax attorney

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Tax Attorney

  Owing taxes to the IRS is no joke. In fact, you could face ...

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how to appeal currently not collectible status denial

How to Appeal When You are Denied CNC Status

  Currently Not Collectible (CNC) status can provide you with temporary relief from tax ...

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What is the IRS Streamlined Program?

  U.S. law requires that all taxpayers pay taxes on any foreign income or ...

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how to qualify for an IRS offer in compromise

How to Qualify for an Offer in Compromise

If you have an outstanding tax debt with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) but ...

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How Much Will the Streamlined Procedures Penalty Cost?

The miscellaneous offshore penalty under the Streamlined Procedures is five percent of the highest ...

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