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Avoiding an IRS tax lien without paying your full tax balance

How to Avoid an IRS Lien Without Paying Your Full Balance Off

You can get around an IRS lien by requesting a withdrawal, discharge, or subordination.  ...

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avoid IRS tax levy

Can You Avoid an IRS Levy without Paying off your Tax Debt in Full?

There are several ways to avoid an IRS levy without paying your full tax ...

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what to do if you are late filing your FBARs

What to Do If You’re Late Filing Your FBARs

  If you miss the April 15 FBAR filing deadline, you’ll receive an automatic ...

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How to Voluntarily Disclose your F

3 Ways to Voluntarily Disclose your Foreign Bank Accounts

  If you failed to file FBARs for one or more tax years, you ...

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FBARs and Form 8938

What Can Happen If You Fail to Disclose Offshore Accounts?

  A failure to file FBARs and Form 8938 can result in numerous civil ...

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