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Video Excerpt: “When you call a firm for tax help, ask to speak directly to a Tax Lawyer, because there are scammers out there who won’t let you.”

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what to ask your tax resolution attorney

5 Questions You Must Ask Your Tax Resolution Attorney

There are many different situations where hiring an IRS tax resolution attorney can be ...

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appeal irs tax lien

How to Appeal the Filing of an IRS Tax Lien

You may appeal the filing of an IRS tax lien on your property using ...

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How to Get Rid of an IRS Tax Lien

  IRS tax liens interfere with your ability to sell or borrow against your ...

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unreported offshore accounts

What’s Required to Use the Streamlined Compliance Procedures?

  The Streamlined Procedures offer a cost-effective method of disclosing unreported offshore accounts for ...

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how to stop irs wage garnishment

5 Ways You Can Use to Stop IRS Garnishment

The IRS can be quite resourceful when it comes to collecting what they are ...

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