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FBARs and Form 8938

What Can Happen If You Fail to Disclose Offshore Accounts?

  A failure to file FBARs and Form 8938 can result in numerous civil ...

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irs tax penalties

How to Get Rid of IRS Tax Penalties

  You may be able to get IRS tax penalty relief simply by asking ...

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IRS tax debt

Where to Start When You Owe The IRS

    If you owe the IRS a substantial amount, be sure not to ...

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Notice of Federal Tax Lien

CDP Hearings – What they are and what one can do for you

  If for some reason, you find yourself defaulting on a tax payment or ...

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10 Documents you’ll need for an IRS tax audit.

  It’s a nice breezy day. You pick your mail up, excited because that ...

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