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Video Excerpt: “When you call a firm for tax help, ask to speak directly to a Tax Lawyer, because there are scammers out there who won’t let you.”

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IRS payment plan

Ways a Tax Attorney Can Help You Set Up a Payment Plan with the IRS

Do you owe a large tax sum to the IRS that you cannot afford ...

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tax attorney

How a Tax Attorney Can Help You Get Out from Under Your Tax Debt

If you owe the IRS money in back taxes, you must resolve the debt ...

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payroll tax penalty

How to Reduce Your Payroll Tax Penalties

Failure to submit payroll taxes to the IRS can result in penalties against you ...

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Documents You Should File for Foreign Bank Accounts

If you have overseas banking accounts, it is important to understand and if you ...

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tax evasion investigation

What Prosecutors Must Prove in Tax Evasion Cases

If a person deliberately avoids paying taxes, he or she can face federal tax ...

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