Owe Back Taxes? 5 Real Reasons You Need a Tax Resolution Expert NOW

why you need a tax expert for your back taxes

Back taxes are bottomless pits. They come along when you fail to disclose all your income, don’t file your tax return, or don’t pay all your taxes. No matter how innocent you are, that first step toward back taxes can cost you much more in future.

It can be a daunting task to try to come out of back taxes. So, how do you know you need a tax resolution expert to help you out?  What are the signs that show you have hit bottom where only an expert can help you?

Who Are Tax Resolution Experts?

A certified tax resolution specialist helps clients with tax problem by being a mediator between the IRS and the client. These experts know everything about tax matters and are experienced in negotiating amicable solutions.

Tax resolution specialists are professional Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents for the IRS, or Certified Public Accountants. Once they have completed their degrees, they need to have work experience and then pass the CTRS exam.

You cannot find anyone more knowledgeable in this field of back taxes than these professionals, more specifically – tax attorneys.

Reasons to Hire a Tax Resolution Expert

Here are five reasons why you should consider hiring a tax resolution professional.

1.     You Have Lost Count of IRS Notices

It might be time to seek help from a professional if you have received a lot of notices from the IRS concerning your back taxes. Get a tax attorney to help you have peace of mind instead of tossing the next notice to the trash or throwing it on top of the other CP14 notices,

Sadly, submitting your tax returns doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t receive these notices from the IRS. However, you shouldn’t worry as long as you know what to do: hire a professional.

A professional will help you in these ways:

  • Review the notices in details – He or she will help you to understand why you received the notices. The review will help you to know when the notice was issued, the tax year for which you haven’t filed your returns, your social security number, tax amount owed, IRS phone number, credits and payments, penalties, among other things.
  • Determine if the notice is correct – Before you disagree or agree with the notice, the expert will help you to find out if there are errors that have resulted in back taxes. If there are errors, pay the amount you owe first to avoid interest and penalties.
  • Pay the amount due – The expert will help you to pay the amount due using the IRS direct pay. Also, you can use your debit or credit card to make the payment.

If you don’t have enough money to fully pay the tax owed, your tax specialist can help you to request for additional time (about 120 days) or request to pay in installments. This way, you will have enough time to pay what you owe the IRS.

2.     Debt Collectors are Knocking at Your Door

Although the IRS will continue to send notices, they can also assign a private debt collector to collect their money. They will notify you if they assign someone to handle your case.

However, once they have notified you, collectors will fill your phone with messages and calls about your due debt with the IRS. And as you know, collecting agents are quite relentless.

There are also risks associated with private debt collectors that you cannot solve without seeking professional help. They include:

  • Scam magnets – More con artists can knock at your door pretending to be private debt collectors sent by the IRS. These people are not legally required to identify themselves as IRS contractors. Here is a piece of advice: do not provide any personal information to a debt collector without confirming with your tax attorney and do not pay via the internet.
  • Higher risk for low-income persons – Private collectors can push you to make payments even if you don’t have the money, or you cannot afford it. This can lead to economic hardship for your family. Consulting an expert ensures that you enroll in other friendly programs designed by the IRS.
  • Lack of consumer awareness – Private collectors cannot educate you on how to avoid back taxes. You can only get this knowledge from a professional tax attorney or accountant. As a result, you might end up falling into the same trap in the future.

3.     Your Passport Might Be Revoked

Delinquent tax debts can make the IRS revoke your passport, deny you one, or limit it. This means that you cannot travel until you pay what you owe to the tax authority. Once you have paid, your passport will be reinstated, but it might take weeks or months.

You should seek professional helps to find out the option you have to avoid this situation. They include:

  • Arranging for a formal repayment program.
  • Requesting for other administrative relief.
  • Notify the IRS that your account is pending appeal.

Seeking professional help is the only way to ensure that you don’t wait for months to get your passport back even after paying your back taxes.

4.     You Are About to Lose Your Property, Refund, or Part of Your Paycheck

The IRS can impose a tax levy if you refuse to pay your due tax, which means that the state can sell your property to settle your debt. They can even levy your wages and take your tax refund in an attempt to recover your back taxes.

However, you can take action by seeking professional help since the IRS will send you a notice beforehand. This way, you will fix your tax problems and keep your house, refund, or paycheck.

5.     You Cannot Afford the Back Taxes Plus Penalties

If you got back taxes, but you don’t have enough money to pay the outstanding balance, your best option is to hire a tax expert to negotiate for a friendly payment plan. However, you can decide to pay the whole amount if you have the means.


A tax resolution expert comes in handy to help clients to resolve their back taxes problem easily. A tax defense attorney is an example of a tax resolution expert that can help you reach an arrangement with the IRS that will suit your pocket and avoid those notices. Hire a tax resolution professional NOW.

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