7 Reasons to Call a Tax Resolution Attorney

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IRS tax problems are common, but at a certain point they may start cause serious stress.  If you are worried about asset levies or don’t know how you will ever pay off your tax debt, you should call a tax attorney to get some advice.

Key Insights We Will Discuss:

– Urgent issues that that require you to call a tax resolution attorney

– Potential consequences if you don’t act quickly to resolve these issues

Consider calling a tax attorney for any of the following reasons:

1.) You are worried about your overseas travel plans

Taxpayers who like to travel internationally need to be particularly concerned about IRS tax problems.  The IRS can certify your tax debt to the State Department, which could result in a possible revocation or denial.

If you live part of the year overseas, this could be a huge problem.  Even if you just like to get away occasionally to experience other cultures, you should take action quickly if the IRS is threatening to take your passport.

2.) Your business is in a financial crunch

Business tax problems can be particularly stressful.  Not only do you have to worry about paying the IRS, but you also want to keep your business operating and growing.

The IRS has the ability to seize business assets and assess severe penalties, such as the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty.  This could potentially put you out of business, leading to even bigger financial problems.

3.) Your Ex Left You With Tax Debt

Even after a divorce, tax debt incurred during a marriage is the responsibility of both spouses if you filed a joint return.  The IRS can come after either party for the full amount, even if your former spouse earned most of the income and handled the finances.

Innocent spouse relief can be a lifesaver in these cases, if you qualify.  Act quickly because you have a limited time to request relief.

4.) Your Balance Keeps Growing Every Month

Tax debt can spiral out of control if you don’t take action.  Each month, the IRS will assess late payment penalties and interest.  You may also be incurring new tax obligations that you can’t afford to pay.

Eventually, the IRS will resort to enforced collection actions to collect whatever they can from your assets or wages.

5.) You’re Scared of IRS Levies

Once you have received a notice of a bank account levy or wage garnishment, it’s time to call a tax attorney immediately.  The IRS gives you a limited time to appeal these actions and work out a deal.  If you miss the deadline, your assets are generally going to be seized and applied towards your tax debt.

6.) You’re Being Audited By the IRS

Handling an IRS audit on your own is a risky choice.  Even if you don’t think you have done anything wrong, the IRS examiner has significantly more knowledge of tax laws and IRS procedures than you do.  You don’t want to accidentally say the wrong thing and end up owing more back taxes and penalties.  Your tax attorney can accompany you to a tax audit or handle it on your behalf.

7.) You Have Committed Tax Fraud or Another Criminal Tax Violation

Criminal tax cases are serious matters.  Not only can you face severe penalties, but you can also be put in jail.  Once the IRS decides to charge you with a tax crime, they’ve likely already expended significant time and resources investigating you.  You should immediately contact a tax attorney who handles criminal tax cases.

Contact a Tax Resolution Attorney

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When your tax problems become overwhelming, it’s time to call a tax attorney.  You can protect your property from IRS levies and work out a payment arrangement that fits your budget.  You’ll also eliminate the stress caused by constantly worrying about your tax debt.




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