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Even The IRS Needs To Have PALS

How Asset Seizure Procedure Affects the Outcome For the most part, the IRS meticulously documents each step it takes, which is usually why it is easier to challenge the Service aggressively rather than waiting until everything is done. ... Read More

Key IRS Cash Business Audit Techniques

Marijuana dispensary cash briefcase

IRS Methods for Reconstructing Cash Income in a Tax Audit After the Service has targeted a cash business for audit, laid a foundation, examined applicable records, and interviewed the taxpayer, the nitty gritty begins. The auditor ... Read More

IRS Jeopardy Levies: The Silent Killers

How Can a Jeopardy Levy Place You In Jeopardy? As we have discussed in some previous posts, IRS levies are usually attention-getting tools as opposed to collection tools. The Service almost always cancels bank and other ... Read More

IRS Expands Automated Levy Program

Federal Payment Levy Program

How the Automated Levy Program Works In the fall of 2017, there was a lot of talk about tax reform, and GOP leaders assured everyone that their paychecks would be a little larger thanks to their ... Read More

How To Get IRS Tax Lien Relief

how to get IRS tax lien relief

What You Need To Know About Federal Tax Liens In some respects, tax liens are attention-getting devices as opposed to collection devices. The IRS almost never forecloses on these liens, and the liens themselves are not ... Read More