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How IRS Payment Plans Work

calendar of IRS payment plan

Available IRS Payment Plans Delinquent taxes, home mortgages, college tuition, DUI fines, and pretty much anything else can usually be reduced to monthly payments. In most cases, the moneylender unilaterally sets the payment terms and the ... Read More

What Do I Need To Know About Paying FET Taxes?

federal excise tax - semi truck and trailer

FET Tax Overview Back in the day, paying FET taxes (the federal excise tax), along with tarriffs, was the cornerstone of the federal government’s revenue stream. Although the income tax, and especially source withholding of income ... Read More

How Can The IRS Seize My Assets?

The IRS Asset Seizure Process A previous post examined the basic policies of tax seizures, and we learned that a lot of things must happen before the IRS takes action. However, once the IRS asset seizure ... Read More

When Can The IRS Seize My Assets?

REasons why the IRS might seize your assets In some ways, mortgage bankers and tax collectors are a lot alike. Many bankers like to say that they do not foreclose on loans because they want the ... Read More

What is an FET Audit?

Overview of IRS FET Tax Audits Shortly after Tax Day 2016, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen remarked that, after five years of budget cuts and four years of hiring freezes, the agency would “do less with less.” The pronouncement ... Read More

Failure to File Penalties Explained

Overview of IRS Failure-to-file Civil Penalties Criminal tax evasion cases are difficult to establish in court, because there are so many moving parts and the burden of proof is so high. Much like the case against ... Read More