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Tax Preparer Audit Red Flags

Why the IRS Investigates Preparers Profiling is illegal in criminal court, but it happens all the time in tax court cases. That’s especially true among tax preparer investigations, as T-men usually look for “red flags” to ... Read More

OIC Program Elements And Why They Matter

Why the IRS Accepts Offers in Compromise To better understand the elements of the Offer in Compromise program, one must first understand what this program is not. First, although the IRS substantially liberalized and broadened the ... Read More

Doubt as to Collectibility Offers

Requirements for Doubt as to Collectibility Offers in Compromise Before approving any Offer in Compromise (except DATL), the IRS must first calculate “Reasonable Collection Potential” (RCP), and determine if a “Doubt as to Collectibilty” exists.  If ... Read More