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Bitcoin ATMs To Pop Up Down Under

The cryptocurrency-tax question may have just gotten a lot murkier, now that Stargroup announced a partnership with DigitalX to roll out up to 2,900 Bitcoin-enabled ATMs in Australia. Currently, there are only sixteen such machines in ... Read More

Bitcoin and Taxes: A Quick Primer

In April 2014, the IRS declared that Bitcoin was property and not currency and would therefore be subject to the capital gains tax or capital loss deduction. But now may be a good time to examine ... Read More

Your Responsibilities As A Tax Preparer

Tax Preparer Audit

Basic Due Diligence Requirements for Tax Preparers Christmas usually comes a little late for most third-party tax preparers, as most of these professionals do the bulk of their business in the first quarter of the year. ... Read More

Do I Need To Report Bitcoin On My FBAR?

After a long period of relatively low scrutiny, probably because Bitcoin values were relatively stagnant, the cryptocurrency is now on the Service’s (IRS) radar. Under current “law,” and that is using the term loosely, Bitcoin is ... Read More

IRS Forced to Limit its Bitcoin Summons

IRS Blinks In Coinstar Row Faced with growing opposition to its Coinstar John Doe summons, the IRS agreed to limit its scope, mostly by limiting the summons to Bitcoin accounts over $20,000. The original summons, which ... Read More