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Identifying Tax Resolution Scams

Tax Resolution Firms – how to differentiate between the helpful from the harmful. Ayar Law Group’s lead attorney Venar Ayar appeared on the “Help Me Hank” segment on the news discussing tax resolution firms and the ... Read More

Medical Marijuana Tax Collections

Tax Tips for Marijuana Businesses – Avoid IRS Collections Running a business is no easy task; there’s overhead, maintaining a steady stock of product, ensuring good customer service, marketing and more. Then there is the issue ... Read More

Tax Audit Myths Debunked

If we say the word “tax audit” or “IRS auditor” what is the first thing that comes to mind? Our guess is that due to a number of different factors and commonly held misconceptions most laypersons ... Read More

Marijuana Business Tax Audits

Special Considerations for IRS Audits of Marijuana-Related Businesses Marijuana dispensary businesses are six times more likely to be audited by the IRS than U.S. businesses in general. These small businesses get hauled before tax examiners at ... Read More