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Ayar Law Tax Strategy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: [email protected] P: 734-341-6859 SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – Ayar Law is one of southeast Michigan’s preferred tax law firms that helps individuals and businesses solve their tax problems, which grows increasingly important as the 2015 ... Read More

Local Attorney Helps Metro Detroiters

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Sherrie Handrinos P: 734-341-6859  Local Attorney Helps Metro Detroiters Properly Prepare for Year End Taxes   October, 2014; Michigan Tax Attorney Venar Ayar of Ayar Law Group continues to help his clients ... Read More

Choosing the Right Tax Preparer

Tips for Choosing a Tax Return Preparer We are at the end of January, which means that time of year we all dread has come: It is tax season! The season officially began on January 20, ... Read More


IRS ANNOUNCES 2014 OVDP (OVDI): MAJOR CHANGES TO THE OFFSHORE VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURE PROGRAM One June 3rd, 2014, IRS commissioner John Koskinen acknowledged the substantial burdens faced by non-willful violators and announced that significant changes were imminent. Within ... Read More

Great Tax Lawyer

“I had a Tax problem that Venar took care of for me. I got hurt, disabled and had to used my 401k money to survive. Well that ended up having me owe the IRS 50k in ... Read More