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Best Tax Attorney in Michigan

“Not only would I recommend this young man, I would not file a tax return without his review. I feel fortunate to be able to hire his services at such reasonable rates. I have never before ... Read More

Where Did All the Quiet Disclosures Go?

With Quiet Disclosures Under Fire, Consider Opting-Out of OVDI/OVDP (Qualified Quiet Disclosure)? In the past, the IRS has been lenient with taxpayers that file FBARs and other tax returns past the due dates through quiet disclosures, ... Read More

Streamlined OVDP for Canadians

AMERICANS IN CANADA: CAN YOU QUALIFY FOR THE STREAMLINED OVDP? The New Streamlined Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program In an action that many interpret as (partial) recognition of the complexity of the Internal Revenue Code, the Internal ... Read More

EITC Due Diligence Penalties

Don’t Get Blindsided by the IRS: Vital Information about the IRS’s EITC Due Diligence Penalties The IRS Hopes to Blindside Private Tax Preparers The IRS has launched a campaign to step up efforts in enforcing the ... Read More

Are You Subsidizing the Superbowl?

 The Other View on the NFL’s Tax-Exempt Status National headlines have popped up everywhere lately in response to the revelation that the NFL paid Commissioner Roger Goodell a salary of $29.5 million in 2011.  The knee-jerk reaction ... Read More

Truth About IRS Offer In Compromise

Doubt as to Collectibility and other types of Offers in Compromise The Offer in Compromise program is a formal way to negotiate your debts with the Internal Revenue Service. It’s a time consuming process, and take ... Read More