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Category: Alimony

When a divorce or separation proceeding leads to criminal tax concerns

Marriage is always a sweet affair that may lead to couples raking up investments and even debt as they seek to build a life together. However, separation or divorce presents some challenges that may lead to criminal charges. How is this possible? You are probably wondering. Divorcing couples caught up in the emotional turmoil of… Read more »

New Tax Law Changes: Alimony is No Longer Deductible by Payer

Alimony no longer deductible

New Tax Litigation for Alimony Payments The alimony deduction used to be a rare exception to the general rule that all income is taxable. A provision in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) eliminates that exception. Under previous law, a spouse who made alimony payments received a deduction for these amounts. The payee spouse… Read more »