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Category: Estate Taxes

New Year.  New President.  New Tax Issues.

Ten Taxing Questions for 2017

Ten Taxing Questions for 2017 With president-elect Donald Trump taking office this month, the world nervously awaits potential changes to the nation’s fiscal agenda.  Here are ten key tax issues to be on the lookout for in 2017: Tax cuts or tax reform? One of Trump’s (and Congressional GOP leaders’) campaign promises was reform in… Read more »

Doves Cry Over Huge Part of Prince’s Estate Likely Going to Taxes

Prince appears to have died without a will, and if none is found, we can expect to see some messy litigation. If Prince had been married, his wife would have received his entire estate tax-free. But since he was not, if no will is discovered, it means the federal government will take 40% in taxes… Read more »