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How to Avoid Tax Problems When Moving Overseas

If you move overseas to retire or for other reasons, you’ll still need to stay on top of your U.S. tax obligations. That’s because the United States uses a citizenship-based taxation regime, unlike some other countries that tax income based on where it’s earned or where you live. Be aware of the following tax issues… Read more »

Criminal Investigations and Penalties for IRS Offshore Disclosure

IRS criminal investigations

According to the IRS, the US loses several billions of dollars every year as a consequence of individuals who either hide or fail to report their offshore revenue or foreign earnings. Offshore tax fraud or tax evasion is a crime if it is determined to have been committed willfully and one can face certain penalties… Read more »

Foreign Asset Reporting Requirements

FARB reporting

Understanding Foreign Asset Reporting US tax code can be very confusing. This is especially true when it comes to reporting foreign assets. The IRS has a number of complex regulations regarding foreign assets and how they are reported, any of which can cause headaches for those filing. To give you some insight into the FBAR… Read more »

Understanding FBAR Penalties

What are FBAR Penalties

What is FBAR? The FBAR, or foreign bank account report, is required of any US citizen, residency card holder, or US tax resident who has foreign account balances over $10,000 USD at any time during the year. With regards to the FBAR, a “US tax resident” is someone physically present in the United States for… Read more »

Sentencing Guidelines for a Taxpayer Charged with FBAR Violations


Do you have Foreign Income? In case you have foreign income or assets, you might be under an obligation to file a Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) disclosing your assets and income to the IRS. The FBAR filing requirements specifically apply to US taxpayers with financial interest in, or signature authority over… Read more »

Do I Need To Report Bitcoin On My FBAR?

After a long period of relatively low scrutiny, probably because Bitcoin values were relatively stagnant, the cryptocurrency is now on the Service’s (IRS) radar. Under current “law,” and that is using the term loosely, Bitcoin is probably not reportable on FBAR forms. However, since this declaration comes not from Moses as he descended the mountain,… Read more »