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How To Pay Off Past Due Business Taxes

IRS Business Installment Agreements The U.S. government gets most of its money from individual income taxes. However, businesses large and small also pay billions in excise, payroll, and other taxes. If these organizations fall behind on their tax payments, relief may be available in the form of an IRS business installment agreement.  Read on to… Read more »

How To Pay Off The IRS…Guaranteed!

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When Does an IRS Guaranteed Installment Agreement Makes Sense for You? Most wage-earners never have to worry about delinquent taxes. But most people are not just wage earners. In fact, according to one survey, over half of the workers in Michigan will be freelancers by 2017. Self-employment almost inevitably creates tax problems, so it’s important… Read more »

How IRS Payment Plans Work

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Available IRS Payment Plans Delinquent taxes, home mortgages, college tuition, DUI fines, and pretty much anything else can usually be reduced to monthly payments. In most cases, the moneylender unilaterally sets the payment terms and the other party can accept them or go elsewhere. But at least to some extent, IRS payment plans, work a… Read more »