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Category: Structuring

FinCEN Form 8300 and the Marijuana Industry: The Electric Company Complex

Form 8300 and the Marijuana Industry

If you own a cash-business (especially if you work in the marijuana industry – especially as a grower) then this article is for you. I have recently heard from a colleague about a tax issue that has been causing widespread fear across the marijuana industry.  I call it, the Electric Company Complex.  Apparently, electric companies (such as… Read more »

Your Rights Surrounding Structuring Transactions

Today we would like to go a little deeper into the recent policy change and your rights regarding structuring transactions, both how current protections are not enough and what the IRS must now do to seize property. We have already written a post about how the IRS is sending out letters to people who had… Read more »

Legally Obtained Property and Money Seized by the IRS for Structuring Transactions? Now the IRS Encourages You to Apply to Get It Back!

Recent letters received by some taxpayers from the IRS prove that miracles do happen.  Right now, the IRS is sending letters inviting taxpayers to apply for the return of their legally obtained property that was seized by the IRS for structuring transactions to evade reporting requirements. This is a move by the Department of Justice… Read more »