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Doubt as to Collectibility Offers

Requirements for Doubt as to Collectibility Offers in Compromise Before approving any Offer in Compromise (except DATL), the IRS must first calculate “Reasonable Collection Potential” (RCP), and determine if a “Doubt as to Collectibilty” exists.  If there is a Doubt-as-to-Collectibility, the IRS may accept the Offer in Compromise.  Otherwise, the DATC Offer will be rejected…. Read more »

The Ongoing Conflict Over Bitcoin And John Doe Summonses

People are still talking about a November 2016 decision that upheld an incredibly broad Bitcoin subpoena. In the decision, Northern California Magistrate Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley issued a John Doe summons targeting Coinbase Inc. The IRS directed the Bitcoin exchange to turn over all its records covering all its customers between 2013 and 2015. Although… Read more »

Tori Spelling’s Bank Account Drained by the IRS $707K

It appears as if Tori Spelling may need to say goodbye to some of her favorite things or forever lose her 90210 lifestyle.  The former teen-soap star and daughter to the late TV mogul Aaron Spelling, had a whopping $707K drained from her bank account by the Internal Revenue Service.  That may not seem like… Read more »

The Trump Tax Scandal: Is It Really?

By now, you have probably heard about presidential candidate Donald Trump’s latest scandal involving his taxes.  If you have not, here is what you need to know. An anonymous source mailed a single page of Trump’s 1995 income tax returns to the New York Times in which the infamous real estate mogul and reality star… Read more »

IRS Now Using Private Debt Collectors

private collection agencies to collect for the IRS

New Rule Allows IRS to Use Debt Collection Agencies Beginning in the spring, four private collection agencies will start collecting for the IRS as mandated under the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act). If that does not send cold shivers of terror running down your spine, you likely do not fully comprehend the potential… Read more »

Tax Lien v Tax Levy : What’s the Difference?

So you just received a notice from the IRS informing you that they intend to place a lien on you or levy your accounts. Naturally these terms are intimidating in and of themselves but oftentimes, taxpayers don’t really know what they mean. Allow us to take a moment to clarify this for you and explain… Read more »

How to Deal with those Pesky IRS Notices and Settle Your IRS Tax Bill

Receiving any sort of bill in the mail is stressful enough in and of itself; but seeing the Internal Revenue Service return address in the upper left hand corner of the envelope would send waves of terror through anyone’s body. As your adrenal glands begin working overtime, sending signals to your brain, you start to… Read more »

What to do When the IRS Comes Knockin’ How to Handle Revenue Officers

IRS Revenue Officers are highly skilled and experienced individuals. Tax debt, known as back-tax liability is what they are after. If you have tax debt, the IRS may assign your case to an IRS Revenue Officer (RO). They work on cases for the collection of tax liability that has already been assessed, unlike tax revenue… Read more »

Statute of Limitations for Michigan and IRS to Collect Tax Debts

The Many Limits of Tax Statute of Limitations All things must process in a timely manner when it comes to the IRS and taxes. For this purpose, the tax code has imposed a set of laws, known as the tax Statute of Limitations (SOL). Under this, there are certain time limits on different tax-related actions… Read more »

Why Michigan Needs to Abolish MARCS Tax Collection System | Ayar Law

Reform is Necessary for Michigan’s System for Collecting Back Taxes MARCS back tax collection service shows no mercy toward Michigan taxpayers. Anybody who thinks dealing with the IRS tax collectors is rough should try for once dealing with the tax collectors for the Michigan Department of treasury. Unlike the IRS, the Michigan Department of Treasury… Read more »