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Statute of Limitations for Michigan and IRS to Collect Tax Debts

The Many Limits of Tax Statute of Limitations All things must process in a timely manner when it comes to the IRS and taxes. For this purpose, the tax code has imposed a set of laws, known as the tax Statute of Limitations (SOL). Under this, there are certain time limits on different tax-related actions… Read more »

Why Michigan Needs to Abolish MARCS Tax Collection System | Ayar Law

Reform is Necessary for Michigan’s System for Collecting Back Taxes MARCS back tax collection service shows no mercy toward Michigan taxpayers. Anybody who thinks dealing with the IRS tax collectors is rough should try for once dealing with the tax collectors for the Michigan Department of treasury. Unlike the IRS, the Michigan Department of Treasury… Read more »

Michigan’s Corporate Officer Liability Rules

Corporate Officers Beware: Personal Liability and Unpaid Michigan Tax Debt collection is not usually a pleasant experience. If you own your own business, depending on the type of business entity you’ve chosen, like a corporation or LLC, you are granted a layer of protection from business debts. But, the asset protection benefits of forming a… Read more »

How Michigan’s Tax Collection System is Crippling Our State’s Economy

Michigan Back Tax Collection’s Crippling Effect on the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Some people dream their whole lives about opening their own business. Some will work hard to achieve it, and some do nothing at all. Any business requires risk. Most business entrepreneurs know that. Most people who take a shot at owning their own business… Read more »