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What To Do If I Have Filed False Tax Returns?

innocent tax return mistakes

Filing a False Tax Return Filing a tax return with deliberate falsification carries stiff IRS penalties. The tax agency does not take kindly or lightly to fraud; therefore, if you are accused of filing false tax returns, take your situation seriously. The long-term and short-term ramifications of falsifying income tax returns could be severe.

So You Cheated On Your Tax Returns

cheating on taxes

Good News! Cheating On Your Tax Returns Is Very Common So you finally cheated on your tax returns and you are now confused? Well, the good news is, you are not the only one. In fact, cheating on tax returns is very common. There are millions of people who get away with it while a… Read more »

Innocent Spouse Relief Indications of Unfairness Explained

Filing for Innocent Spouse Relied can be a bit murky and rather frustrating and the IRS is very particular about the qualifiers.  The IRS takes into consideration all of the facts and circumstances in your case in order to determine whether or not it is unfair to hold you responsible for your spouse’s understated tax. … Read more »

Online Holiday Shopping is on the Rise – So is Identity Theft

Identity Theft online

13 Tips to Help keep You and Your Identity Safe With the holiday season officially upon us, and all of its sweet holiday sales and savings, you are probably going to be doing some shopping.  If you are like 122 million Americans today, you may be doing that shopping online. Online shopping is fast, efficient… Read more »

New IRS Tax Scam Targets Tax Professionals via Email

  Tax pros beware; the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is reporting a new tax scam that targets tax professionals rather than the taxpayers themselves. This new email scam targets tax professionals though e-services.  A variation on a previous scam, in this one tax professionals receive an email asking them to update their accounts. The link… Read more »

New Education Tax Scam Targets College Students and Parents

Parents of college kids now have something new to worry about: a student tax scam. It’s that time of year when parents worry back at home that their post-adolescent little darlings are off making good decisions and forgoing partying to study, our college-aged youth worry about exams, term papers, difficult professors and of course –… Read more »