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Negotiating settlement terms, seeking relief, or attempting to avoid future tax problems are all stressful and time-consuming. However, they become more difficult or even dangerous when you attempt to resolve them by yourself. You will need the right tax defense attorney to represent you if you are faced with a tax resolution case. The law allows you to seek legal help when faced with tax problems.

Seeking help from the wrong attorney can, however, get you into more trouble Do you know what you should look for when choosing your tax defense attorney? But first things first.

What is a Tax Defense Attorney?

First, you need to know what a tax defense lawyer is and does. A tax defense attorney is a person who is specially trained to deal with business and personal income tax issues. He or she can serve as both a financial consultant as well as a legal adviser.

This type of attorney ideally should have their law degree and their LLM – masters in taxation. Besides, a tax defense lawyer should have passed the state bar exam to be a fully satisfied attorney. The attorney should also be licensed to offer legal tax services in your state.

Why Should You Hire a Tax Defense Attorney?

The second thing is to know what these attorneys do. These experts are not only trained but also experienced in representing people in complicated tax and financial matters. They represent all walks of people in matters such as:

  • Handling international revenue service (IRS) communications
  • Criminal cases against clients
  • Handling audits
  • Planning inheritances and estates
  • CP notices showing you owe the IRS
  • Assist you to claim refund and credits which you are entitled to
  • Child care tax credit
  • Small business expenses such as office supplies and travel
  • Earned income tax credit
  • Charitable contributions

Choosing the Right Tax Defense Attorney

The final part is the actual choosing of a tax defense expert. There are some things that you should watch out for when selecting the right attorney.

Assess the Qualification

You need to choose an attorney that meets the right qualifications. The best way to access the qualification is to ask for a resume that includes both the educational background as well as the professional affiliations.

Your potential lawyer should be a qualified tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialists (CTRS). If the attorney falls in the former category, ensure that he or she is also a member of the local bar association or Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Assess the Experience

Another important thing that you should look for when hiring a lawyer is their experience. How long has the attorney been offering legal representation? Who has the lawyer represented? What type of continuous professional development doesn’t the person participate in?

Tax defense professionals are always evolving, and a rookie might not be the best person to represent you.

Look at Specialization

The specialization of an attorney can tell you if he or she will succeed. Does the potential attorney offer legal services in a dozen other fields, or is it just in tax matters?

A more focused attorney will offer more value.

Ask for a License

Ask the attorney to provide you with a copy of his or her license – to show that the attorney is legally licensed to offer service in your state. Note that a license is not the same as passing a state bar exam.

Besides, if there is a possibility of your case going to a tax court, ensure that the attorney you hire can represent you in federal courts. Note that admission to a federal court is a court-by-court basis.

Communication Skills

Can the attorney explain tax relief programs and tax jargon in terms that a layperson can understand?  An important job of tax defense lawyers is to educate their clients and provide them with clear options.

Knowing all tax rules is great, but an awesome tax expert wants his or her clients to avoid future troubles by complying with the IRS. Teaching a person about tax matters requires top communication skills.

Ensure that you speak with the attorney that you intend to hire before you sign the agreement.

Actual Representation

Most of the tax cases are handled remotely through phone calls, emails, and other ways. However, there is a time that you might require physical representation.

Is the tax lawyer you want to hire willing to represent you physically?

Payment Options and Amounts

Tax attorneys are expensive. If you do not have the right amount, consider choosing an expert that will accept flexible payment options. Also, know the total fee before you receive the service.

For instance, does the attorney charge a retainer? What kind of retainer? Will it be refunded? People use retainers to ensure that the attorney will be available and also assure the employment of the attorney. Special retainers are refundable, while general retainers are not.

Read Client Reviews

You can easily search for previous clients’ ratings and reviews online before you choose your tax defense attorney. This gives you an idea of what you should expect when you hire a certain lawyer. Websites such as Better Business Bureau provide helpful insights of attorneys.

Future Oriented

The right tax defense expert will care about your current situation and even your future. Your attorney should use your present situation to ensure that you don’t run into trouble in the future.

This way, you will get a permanent solution instead of having just short term tax relief.

Look for Uniqueness

There are dozens of tax professionals that can offer you the service you want and all might be successful. However, you should always look out for that special thing that your potential attorney has to offer.

For instance, the attorney might have great software solutions, personalized approaches, proven strategies, or any other unique thing. Try to get value for your money.

Final Verdict

Know who a tax defense attorney is, know what he or she does, and then follow the tips on the actual choosing of a tax attorney, and you will choose the right expert. Don’t represent yourself in tax matters; get a qualified and experienced attorney today.

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