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Donald Trump Needs Ayar Law’s Help!!!

Donald Trump CartoonAccording to Donald Trump’s physician,

“if elected, Mr. Trump, I can state, unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency”

(in lieu of Trump actually brandishing his medical records as every presidential candidate has done for the last several decades). I can only imagine what his tax attorneys would say if they ever released an actual statement that made a lick of sense. Better yet guys, save the statements, we would just rather see the returns (and the medical records at that).

By refusing to release his tax returns,

“The Donald”

is refusing to comply with a tradition that dates back 40 years. His excuse for the insubordination? He is being audited by the IRS and has been under “continuous examination” by the IRS since 2002. Well that excuse does not really pan out. Although some tax attorneys may advise against it, there is nothing in the federal law or IRS regulations that would prohibit an individual from sharing any information on their tax returns or the returns themselves.

Without a career in politics, the public must judge Trump’s business career as a developer, purveyor of brands and reality television star to decide how capable he is to sit in the oval office; and the answer to that can really only be found in the contents of his tax returns. For instance, is Donald Trump actually a billionaire? Does he donate to charity? If so, how much? And most importantly, does he have any interests that might be cause for concern to the American public? We have a right to know these things of the people we are choosing to represent us and there really is no excuse that should prevent us from finding out if there are any skeletons in the nominee’s (financial) closet. In fact, even Richard Nixon who was in fact, being audited STILL released his tax returns during his campaign. That is definitely saying something.
This audit story is only the half of it. Not only is Trump refraining from releasing his returns on the grounds that he is being audited, but upon Newsweek’s request that we see actual documented proof that the tycoon is actually being audited by the Internal Revenue Service; the magazine editors were even willing to accept an audit letter wherein all of his personal information is redacted. It is no stretch of the imagination to guess as to what the outcome of that request has been….*crickets chirping*

Well actually….to be fair, Trump’s tax attorneys were kind enough to release a letter in lieu of everything else that has been requested. YAY! This letter avows that not only has Donald Trump been under “continuous examination” (whatever that means) since 2002, “consistent with the IRS’s practice for large and complex businesses,” but that the Internal Revenue Service’s close scrutiny of Trump’s tax returns from 2002 to 2008 have been “closed administratively,” and will remain in this state since the examinations for all of the years since 2009 are still ongoing.

Well in response to Trump’s attorneys and their very thorough letter, we at Ayar Law Group have just one thing to say…..clearly Mr. Trump, if you are STILL being examined for returns that go as far back as 2002, maybe you should retain the attorneys at Ayar Law Group and ditch who is representing you now. It does not seem like you are getting your money’s worth and we can honestly say that we can have this issue cleared up in no time! Give us a call Don, we’d love to help!!!

Venar Ayar, Esq.

Venar Ayar, Esq.

Attorney-at-Law, Master of Laws in Taxation
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Venar is an award-winning tax attorney ranked as a Top Lawyer in the field of Tax Law. Mr. Ayar has a Master of Laws in Taxation – the highest degree available in tax, held by only a small number of the country’s attorneys.