Why You Need a Reputable Tax Attorney By Your Side For IRS Appeal Representation


An attorney doesn’t merely represent you in court, they fight for you and work their best to ensure that you get the fairest outcome if not win your court case. If you are faced with a divorce issue, you should get to the best divorce attorney in town. If you are dealing with a civil case, you need to get the best civil lawyer just for that. This also applies to tax matters where most people get convicted or incur large penalties just because they did not have a reputable tax defense attorney

One of the most sensitive cases that one faces is on taxation matters with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  Either you were accused of tax evasion, tax fraud, federal crimes related to tax or you owe them money. In such instances, your assets can be frozen and your reputation ruined.  Businesses are also often rendered bankrupt while individuals find themselves going to jail for a very long time. It is essential that you not only get a good lawyer to ensure none of this happens but also one who will ensure you get you the best deal from the IRS. Remember, once you challenge the IRS, they come for you all guns blazing ready for a kill.

Filing an Appeal With the IRS

Before any taxpayer can issue an appeal to the IRS, they need to follow the due process of the law and file for a tax appeal. Once you file a tax appeal with the IRS, the taxing authority will set a date to hear your case. It is essential that you file a claim with the IRS first before filing an appeal. If you go straight to court without following the right procedures, the IRS can claim that you did not exhaust their administrative remedies and your case dismissed on these grounds. These procedures take as short as months to years depending on the type of tax appeal.

Every IRS appeals case should include:

  • A signed and notarized statement
  • The tax period and years involved
  • A copy letter showing the proposed changes
  • Law that supports the taxpayer’s claims and position
  • A clear statement of the taxpayer’s challenge of the findings

Tax appeal cases are likely to go through if the tax lawyer can prove that the original IRS employee who initially handled the case failed to follow standard protocol or violated taxpayer rights. Therefore one will require a tax attorney to file as well as defend their case.

Why you need to get the best tax lawyer for your tax appeal against IRS

Tax law is complex and negotiating yourself may be detrimental

There are many laws that govern the US and with basic education, you can learn the laws as well as your rights on certain matters. With that being said, you are much more likely to regret representing yourself in your tax appeal. Unlike civil matters, tax law and taxpayer rights are murky waters to tread by yourself.

The smart thing to do is to hire a trusted tax attorney who will guide you through the process, find you the most savings and prevent any unnecessary losses. A tax attorney will also answer inquiries you have regarding appeal eligibility while saving you the time and hassle of personal research. The jurisdiction of the Office of Appeals is diverse but there are limitations as to what can be heard and what can be settled.  A reputable firm or credible tax lawyer will advise you on whether your case qualifies as well as what are your best options.

 The outcome of either negotiation or a fair settlement depends on your lawyer

Some people consider negotiating with the IRS themselves to rid of the court hustle but only a few get a fair outcome. It is recommended that you get a lawyer from a reputable firm who has a good track record. You need to ensure that your tax defense attorney has prior experience with dealing with tax issues whether corporate or individual cases. They should also have adequate experience in the field including understanding how the IRS operates. They should have at least won a significant number of similar cases as individual lawyers or as a firm. You don’t want to head to the federal court and spend so much with the odds not being on your favor.

You are guilty of a tax crime but you need to get away with it

Apart from cases where the IRS owes you money or the audit was false, people are often guilty of tax crime. Before the IRS takes on any individual or organization, they spend a substantial amount of time investigating the case. So by the time they make that arrest and launch your case, you can bet they have more than adequate evidence to prove you are guilty as charged.

People evade taxes to maximize on profits. People lie about their taxes.  What do you do if you are in such a predicament and can’t afford to serve a sentence? You get a tax defense attorney that knows the best escape routes. This way you are assured that you do not only have a good tax attorney representing you but you can also be assured about a positive outcome on the case.


Tax cases are lengthy and costly and this is why you need a reputable tax lawyer worth your time and money. Whether you failed to remit your taxes for the last few years or can’t afford to pay your taxes, seeking a tax attorney is the best option to settle any IRS tax problems. With a good tax defense attorney, you can rest assured that the risk of going to jail or paying hefty penalties is minimal. Don’t just settle for a mediocre lawyer that only wants a paycheck, pick a trusted tax attorney that puts your best interests before anything else.

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