IRS Compliance for Clients with Undisclosed Foreign Assets Can be a Slippery Slope

Don’t Lose Your Clients to Reporting Failures

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Here’s what you need to know to be prepared

When your client has undisclosed foreign assets or foreign financial dealings, resolution can be tricky.  Failure to file foreign information returns can lead to significant penalties, but there are a number of ways a savvy tax lawyer can help your clients successfully come into legal compliance with the IRS.

Ayar Law offers you an important free resource entitled Need-to-Know Foreign Asset Reporting and Amnesty Tools . We invite you to download it now.  If you have a client with undisclosed foreign assets, you should read it immediately.  Time is of the essence with penalties, and it will provide you with some invaluable direction. If not, please save it for future reference.

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Venar Ayar, Esq., the founder and principal tax attorney of Ayar Law, holds the highest degree available in tax law; a Master of Laws in Taxation. Venar has successfully brought countless clients with foreign assets and dealings into compliance with the Internal Revenue Service. His knowledge and precision with this complex area of law has helped clients from around the globe avoid tax-based criminal charges.

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