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The IRS Virtual Appeals Program: Is It Worth It?


What Is the IRS Virtual Appeals Program?

Every year, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) hears more than 100,000 appeals from taxpayers who hope to solve their tax disputes without the need to go to court. The vast majority of those appeals are handled via the phone, where individuals can state their case to an IRS appeals officer. The other most popular means of discussing tax issues with the IRS is via an in-person meeting with IRS officials. There is also an option for video-conference through select IRS locations. The IRS Virtual Appeals Program is a pilot program aimed at offering in-person appeals to those who cannot make it to an IRS location. According to a press release issued by the service, the

“Pilot program will use a secure, web-based screen-sharing platform to connect with taxpayers face-to-face from anywhere they have internet access. Similar to popular screen-sharing programs used on phones and home computers, this technology may also be a way for the IRS to provide greater access, efficiency and flexibility to taxpayers. This web-based model is more convenient and has more features than the existing video-conferencing technology.”

what is the IRS virtual appeals program?Benefits of IRS Virtual Appeals

This new program offers a number of benefits for those who want to overturn an IRS tax penalty or assessment. One of the most useful benefits is that it allows those who wish to petition, but are not located close to an IRS appeals office, to have their appeal heard in a more interactive and intimate setting than traditional phone interviews allow. A virtual ap[peal also allows you, and any legal representation you may have, to show evidence to IRS officials and to better support your arguments visually. Finally, if successful, the program may help address the modern needs of the hundreds of thousands of taxpayers who appeal each year.

Know Your Rights

While the Virtual Appeals Program is an exciting development, it is crucial that those who wish to use it to understand their rights with regards to tax disputes. These include the rights to:

  • Request a meeting with the IRS officer who contacted you.
  • Escalate the matter to that individual’s supervisor if needed.
  • Appeal directly to the IRS Appeals Office should you fail to reach an agreement during the meeting.

Contact an Experienced Tax Lawyer Today

If you are considering filing a virtual appeal with the IRS, s essential that you contact an experienced tax attorney immediately. Even though meetings of this variety with the IRS are considered “informal” and representation is not necessary, speaking with the IRS can be an intimidating prospect for many.

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