How to Settle Tax Debt 

The way to settle tax debt is to face the problem head on with the help of a seasoned tax debt attorney who can negotiate with the IRS for you. Ayar Law knows from experience that for many, tax problems often seem insurmountable and hopeless. But we want you to know- they do have solutions. 

Ayar Law can work toward a solution of your tax debt problem by: 

  1. Carefully listening to your tax history and reviewing all the facts surrounding your tax debt situation. 
  2. Providing options for relief in your case 
  3. Negotiating with the IRS on your behalf so that you receive the best possible outcome.  

What happens after Ayar Law Steps in? 

When you are represented by Ayar Law, things change right away. Founding attorney Venar Ayar and his team will immediately contact the IRS to let them know you are represented by legal counsel.  

After that, all communications must come directly to the firm. That means no more notices from the IRS in your mailbox and no phone calls. Ayar Law will take immediate action to: 

  1. Lift or prevent an IRS levy of your bank account. 
  2. Stop or prevent the IRS from garnishing your wages.

Negotiations Begin    

Here’s the truth about the IRS: it isn’t personal for them; they just need to collect on the debt, even if it takes some time or is less than the full amount. This is true even when the sum owed is substantial.  

When Ayar Law steps in, our goal is to negotiate an agreement that you can live with. The IRS considers several kinds of payment arrangements: 

  • Installment Agreement (small monthly payments over an extended period) 
  • Offer in Compromise (one payment for less than the full amount owed)  
  • Not Currently Collectible (IRS foregoes collecting due to your hardships)  
  • Partial Payment Installment Agreement (payments for less than full amount owed)

Under the guidance of your attorney, you will learn which options are available to you and how each type of settlement agreement would impact your current life situation. We often find that our clients, having this new understanding of their options and seeing the path forward, are empowered to face their tax debt with a renewed sense of calm and clarity. 

Don’t Settle Your Tax Debt Without Experienced Legal Counsel 

Mr. Ayar holds a Master of Laws in Taxation, a credential shared by only a small number of the nation’s attorneys, and is among Michigan’s most trusted tax lawyers in the field. Our office is located in Farmington Hills, convenient throughout Metro Detroit, Wayne County, and Oakland and Macomb counties. If you are avoiding your tax debt, we can help. Call Ayar Law today.