A paycheck protection program loan application on top of an IRS check

Paycheck Protection Program Fraud Lawyer

A PPP loan fraud case pits a business owner against the power of the federal government, including the U.S. Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Division. PPP loan fraud can lead to an IRS audit and criminal investigation, and a DOJ federal criminal prosecution. Results include huge fines or even imprisonment. Don’t go it alone. Seek help from a paycheck protection fraud lawyer at expert Ayar Law as soon as possible. Getting in touch with us early is better than later.

Advice for PPP Fraud Cases in Michigan

During the pandemic, Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES ACT), which funded the Paycheck Protection Program. Billions of dollars were loaned to U.S. businesses. Now, an increasing number of PPP loan fraud charges have emerged around the country, including in the greater Detroit area.

The PPP fraud lawyers of Ayar Law are skilled in presenting PPL compliance proof. Our experts know how to negotiate with the IRS and government lawyers. If your loan involves a very large sum, it’s all the more reason to retain legal counsel, as the government has incentive to “make an example” of your case. Having an Ayar Law tax evasion attorney helps even the playing field.

Government Time Extended on PPP Fraud Cases

In August 2022, President Biden authorized an extension of time to prosecute PPP loan fraud charges. The DOJ has devoted resources to the matter, with regional offices designating PPL Loan Fraud Coordinators to handle PPL Loan Fraud. It is anticipated that cases will be brought under federal banking law as well as the False Claims Act.

Prosecutors look for a fraudulent request for loan forgiveness or for additional funds, based on misrepresentations. Charges may include fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy. Ayar Law understands that such charges can result from inadvertent misrepresentations.

Why It’s Important to Call the Ayar Law Firm

DOJ’s Detroit office has prosecuted business owners who are residents of Detroit and Farmington Hills, whom it accused of fraud in obtaining PPP and related loans; the issue is clearly on their radar screen. If you’ve been accused of PPP Loan Fraud, consult a qualified PPP fraud lawyer promptly.

An accountant can’t represent you in court. Conversations with an accountant, CPA or “tax professional” are not always privileged and the other party may be forced to disclose what you have said to them. However, conversations with a criminal tax attorney, even one that you have not retained, are generally covered under the attorney-client privilege. Your tax lawyer cannot be forced to disclose your confidential conversations to anyone.

At Ayar Law, we know the complex rules of PPP. We’ve negotiated with the IRS and DOJ attorneys in Michigan. Our superb reputation may prevent the filing of a case at all. If you face PPP fraud charges, contacting us early is important; don’t wait.