How to Stop an IRS Criminal Investigation 

The most effective way to stop an IRS criminal investigation is to retain an experienced criminal tax fraud attorney to address the circumstances before it leads to serious criminal charges against a taxpayer. An attorney will use their knowledge of the IRS to protect your rights and freedom. 

Our tax fraud lawyers at Ayar Law in Farmington Hills, Michigan, can help you reduce the risk of criminal tax investigations through proactive negotiations with federal or state tax authorities. We know the situations that can lead to criminal charges and how to manage them to suspend or terminate an IRS criminal investigation without overwhelming a taxpayer’s time or resources. 

When can the IRS initiate a criminal investigation? 

The IRS can open a criminal investigation when: 

  • A taxpayer does not file a return 
  • Information on a return appears to be false or fraudulent 
  • A taxpayer fails to pay state, payroll, or other withholding taxes 
  • The IRS challenges a taxpayer’s deductions or claimed credits

In most cases, a taxpayer will not know that an investigation has been started. However, if you are concerned about tax matters that might adversely affect you or your business, retain a tax fraud attorney before an unforeseen investigation leads to criminal charges.  

How much time will the IRS spend on a criminal investigation? 

The IRS can spend months or even years pursuing an investigation. Before or during an investigation, you may receive a written notice from the IRS to pay tax debts or to file returns. If regular communication with the IRS stops for no apparent reason, your case might have been referred to the Agency’s Criminal Investigation Division.  

Your financial institution or tax accountant may inform you that the IRS has contacted them about your returns. You might have received a subpoena to testify before a grand jury about your income or returns. In these cases, you should assume that you are the subject of a criminal investigation and need legal representation from a qualified tax attorney. 

How can you stop or appeal an investigation? 

You can appeal the results of a tax audit. However, if your audit leads to a referral to the IRS’s Criminal Investigation Division, it will investigate whether criminal charges are warranted. If this happens, you should not hesitate to retain a criminal tax attorney. They will be the conduit for communications with the IRS, stop efforts to issue summonses, work to preclude the IRS’s attempts to arrest you or refer your case for a criminal indictment, and formulate defenses to any charges that the IRS may bring.  

Retain a Tax Fraud Lawyer from Ayar Law  

Our IRS criminal investigation agents are seasoned professionals who will vigorously pursue tax fraud charges. If you are the subject of an investigation, you need experienced representation to level the playing field and protect your rights. 

Do not hesitate to call us at Ayar Law in Farmington Hills, Michigan, as soon as you suspect the IRS has targeted you with a criminal investigation. Our professional tax defense attorneys will fight the IRS’s efforts and will work to resolve your tax problems.