Unpaid Payroll Tax

Unpaid Payroll Tax Lawyers

Regardless of the reasons why your business has fallen behind on its payroll tax obligation, if you fail to address the problem, your business and its owners will face an Internal Revenue Service bill that can include substantial penalties. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away but will only make it worse. The IRS’s enforcement mechanisms for payroll tax collections are known to be aggressive and will likely get more aggressive as the federal government devotes more resources to the Agency.

Rather than face an IRS revenue officer without representation, call Ayar Law first to speak with a payroll tax attorney who can negotiate a sound resolution to your unpaid payroll tax problems. We represent businesses and individuals in Detroit, Farmington Hills, and elsewhere in Michigan in both federal and state tax matters. We provide back payroll tax help that can keep your business afloat and stop the IRS from shutting you down or imposing criminal penalties for failure to make required payroll tax deposits.

Penalties add up quickly if you do not make payroll tax deposits

Payroll tax penalties are based on the amount of taxes that are owed and the number of days that have elapsed since a tax payment might have been due. The penalties increase as more days elapse before a payment is made. Specifically:

  • If your payment is between 1 and 5 days late, you will face a penalty of 2% of the unpaid amount
  • For payments that are 6 to 15 days late, the penalty increases to 5%
  • For payments that are more than 16 days late, the penalty jumps to 10%.

Further, if the IRS has sent you a notice that a payment is due, your penalty will increase to 15% if you fail to make that payment in full within 10 days of your receipt of the notice.

Responsibility for payments of back payroll taxes will go beyond the business

Even if your business is incorporated and maintains a corporate existence apart from its owners, the IRS can collect back payroll taxes from any individual who it determines to be a “responsible person.” That designation includes the business’s shareholders, officers, and certain senior-level employees, as determined by their job titles or their authority to sign checks on behalf of the business, hire or fire employees, and make decisions regarding control of the business.

You and your business will have a better opportunity to seek manageable IRS tax relief if you promptly retain a payroll tax lawyer to assist you with settling back payroll taxes before the IRS enforcement action consumes the business itself.

A payroll tax lawyer can negotiate a resolution to your back payroll tax problems

Your payroll tax lawyer will review your delinquent payroll taxes and work to develop the best resolution that minimizes your problem. Depending on your situation, your lawyer may be able to negotiate:

  • A temporary payroll tax deferment
  • Removal of tax levies and freezes from bank accounts
  • An installment agreement for payment of back payroll taxes
  • A reduction in personal penalties and interest, and penalty abatements
  • An IRS agreement not to pursue criminal charges for tax evasion.

In addition, your lawyer can determine if any amounts that the IRS claims are owed by your business are not collectible as a result of the expiration of the applicable statute of limitation or because your business is struggling to meet other obligations.

Call Ayar Law Immediately for Assistance With IRS Audits and Audit Appeals

Even with its current staffing problems, the IRS is manned by hundreds of payroll tax auditors that have substantial experience in pursuing individuals and businesses that fail to make their payroll tax deposits. You will be at a substantial disadvantage if you engage with one of those auditors without retaining professional assistance.

Before you respond to anyone at the IRS about your delinquent payroll tax problem, call the back payroll tax attorneys at Ayar Law in Farmington Hills at 800.571.7175 and ask to speak with one of our lawyers. Our founder, Venar Ayar, or one of his experienced associates will provide a review of your options and propose a strategy to approach the IRS to resolve your problem.

Our lawyers have handled many back payroll tax cases and we have the experience that matches and exceeds the experience of the IRS auditors who are assigned to back payroll tax matters. If you retain our services, we will fight tirelessly to get the best resolution available for your particular case.