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How Can An IRS Lawyer Protect My Passport?

passport revokation

Four Winning IRS Passport Revocation Strategies In 2015, the federal government authorized the IRS to take the passports of taxpayers who have seriously delinquent tax debt. Under the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act), the government must deny a passport application and may revoke a current passport. Early intervention is usually the best way… Read more »

Can The IRS Take My Passport For Good?

Can the IRS take my passport?

 Legal Standards in IRS Passport Cases The old saying that “you can’t fight city hall” is mostly true. That idea is rooted in the divine right of kings. This Medieval notion held that monarchs could do whatever they want and whenever they wanted since God Himself anointed them to rule. The idea is long gone… Read more »

When Does My Tax Debt Affect My Passport?

Can I Lose My Passport If I Owe the IRS? A passport and a drivers’ license have a lot in common. Both allow people to travel, and both can be suspended for non-travel reasons. Most states suspend drivers’ licenses for unpaid child support. Eleven states take adverse action based on bad checks. The Ohio DMV… Read more »

Why You Need a Tax Attorney to Represent You in an Audit

Tax Representation During an Audit

Reasons why you Should Have a Tax Attorney Present During an Audit The IRS is no joke. The moment they knock on your door, chances are you will end up in a state of frenzy. This mostly happens when you were not prepared. Those who have all their records and tax affairs in order will… Read more »

IRS Expands Bitcoin Reporting Requirements

What Should You Do if You’ve Already Filed an Inaccurate Return? Less than a month before the 2018 filing deadline, the Service cast a much wider IRS Bitcoin net than the one it used in 2014. This news is particularly unsettling to the estimated 13,000 Coinbase account holders whose information was involuntarily turned over to… Read more »

How the IRS Audits Marijuana Dispensaries

What to Expect in an IRS Audit of Your Dispensary (or other cash business) Marijuana dispensaries are five times more likely to face an IRS cash business audit. In 1970, lawmakers approved Section 280E of the Internal Revenue Code as a punitive measure in the “war on drugs” which was just starting at the time…. Read more »

Some Common IRS Audit Questions for Cash Businesses

IRS Audits Marijuana Business

Questions to Expect if Your Marijana Business Gets Audited When an IRS agent audits your marijuana dispensary (or other cash business) and says s/he has a few questions, it’s almost never about the proper strain for anxiety or muscle pain. In fact, since the IRS has already completed most or all of the groundwork, this… Read more »

The Three Stages Of An IRS Lien Notice

  The Extended Process Makes Fighting a Tax Lien Easier Sometimes, it seems like a federal tax lien comes unexpectedly, like a thief in the night. In fact, most people do not know that the IRS files a statutory lien almost immediately and without notice, so the Service has the legal authority to collect the… Read more »

How The IRS Proves Tax Evasion, Even With No Records?

Proving Tax Fraud is Possible Without Records The IRS files thousands of tax fraud cases a year, making it the most commonly-charged offense in the Tax Code. In many of these cases, the taxpayer’s records are incomplete.  In many other cases, the taxpayer has no records whatsoever. Everybody knows that if the government has no evidence,… Read more »

Overview of the IRS offer in Compromise Process

4 Step Analysis for Processing Offers in Compromise The Offer in Compromise Program is one of the best ways to reduce tax debt. While the Offer in Compromise Program’s length varies greatly, it is not unusual to see taxpayers who owe tens of thousands of dollars have their debt reduced to almost nothing. Alas, the opposite… Read more »