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How The IRS Proves Tax Evasion, Even With No Records?

Proving Tax Fraud is Possible Without Records The IRS files thousands of tax fraud cases a year, making it the most commonly-charged offense in the Tax Code. In many of these cases, the taxpayer’s records are incomplete.  In many other cases, the taxpayer has no records whatsoever. Everybody knows that if the government has no evidence,… Read more »

Overview of the IRS offer in Compromise Process

4 Step Analysis for Processing Offers in Compromise The Offer in Compromise Program is one of the best ways to reduce tax debt. While the Offer in Compromise Program’s length varies greatly, it is not unusual to see taxpayers who owe tens of thousands of dollars have their debt reduced to almost nothing. Alas, the opposite… Read more »

What You Need To Know About Tax Preparer Investigations

Professional tax preparers are not only held to a higher standard when they prepare their return, they are also held to a higher standard in terms of tax preparer investigations.  This is due in large part  to the way many  law enforcement agencies — including the Criminal Investigation Division at the IRS — conisder a… Read more »

Ayar Law Calls B.S. on Fake Tax Lawyers

Beware of Tax Relief Scams and Fake Tax Lawyers The tax relief industry is known for firms ripping people off in droves. Many “tax relief” firms (aka fake tax lawyers) over the years have been sued, fined, and ultimately shut down for false and deceptive sales tactics that leave their victims out thousands of dollars,… Read more »

Donald Trump Needs Ayar Law’s Help!!!

According to Donald Trump’s physician, “if elected, Mr. Trump, I can state, unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency” (in lieu of Trump actually brandishing his medical records as every presidential candidate has done for the last several decades). I can only imagine what his tax attorneys would say if they… Read more »