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How Can Tax Debt Affect My Passport?

passport revocation

How Can I Undo IRS Passport Revocation? As we observed previously, there are considerable parallels between losing your drivers’ license for non-driving reasons and losing your passport for non-travel reasons. The IRS cannot suspend your license, because it is a federal agency with no jurisdiction in that area. But your U.S.-issued passport is another matter…. Read more »

Can The IRS Take My Passport For Good?

Can the IRS take my passport?

 Legal Standards in IRS Passport Cases The old saying that “you can’t fight city hall” is mostly true. That idea is rooted in the divine right of kings. This Medieval notion held that monarchs could do whatever they want and whenever they wanted since God Himself anointed them to rule. The idea is long gone… Read more »

When Does My Tax Debt Affect My Passport?

Can I Lose My Passport If I Owe the IRS? A passport and a drivers’ license have a lot in common. Both allow people to travel, and both can be suspended for non-travel reasons. Most states suspend drivers’ licenses for unpaid child support. Eleven states take adverse action based on bad checks. The Ohio DMV… Read more »

How to Stop an IRS Wage Garnishment

What is a wage garnishment

What is a Wage Garnishment? A wage garnishment is one of the most powerful collection tactics used by the IRS because it takes your money before you ever receive it. Your wages are transferred directly from your employer to the IRS in order to satisfy your delinquent tax debt. You should receive several notices from… Read more »

Delinquent Tax Debt May Cause a Passport Revocation or Denial

Unpaid taxes

Get a Grip on your Tax Debt….or Risk Losing your Passport Failing to pay off your tax debt could now cost you your passport. Beginning in 2018, the IRS began sending certifications of seriously delinquent tax debt to the State Department. If the IRS certifies your tax debt, the State Department will generally deny your… Read more »

IRS Expands Bitcoin Reporting Requirements

What Should You Do if You’ve Already Filed an Inaccurate Return? Less than a month before the 2018 filing deadline, the Service cast a much wider IRS Bitcoin net than the one it used in 2014. This news is particularly unsettling to the estimated 13,000 Coinbase account holders whose information was involuntarily turned over to… Read more »

How to Avoid the Consequences of an IRS Payment Plan Default

late installment agreement payments

Help! I Defaulted On My Installment Agreement! The Service and the taxpayer base installment agreements on the taxpayer’s current financial status and a lot of speculation. Sometimes, financial abilities change and/or the guesses about future events are just plain wrong. As a result, the dreaded CP523 notice is rather commonplace.   Here is what to do… Read more »

Streamlined Installment Agreements: The Pros and Cons

IRS Streamlined Installment Agreement

More Taxpayers Now Qualify Under the Temporarily Expanded Program IRS agents are determined to take your money. At least they are also determined to make it fairly easy to pay. You just have to know the right places to look, and in many cases, an IRS streamlined installment agreement may be just the ticket.

What is a Non-Streamlined Installment Agreement?

Non-streamlined IRS Installment Agreement

An Income-Based Way to Retire Your Large Tax Debt In the closing minutes of Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan, a small group of American troops fell back to “the Alamo” for their last stand against an overwhelming German onslaught. Mostly due to the sacrifices of men like these, our personal liberties are guaranteed. However, our… Read more »

How To Pay Off Past Due Business Taxes

IRS Business Installment Agreements The U.S. government gets most of its money from individual income taxes. However, businesses large and small also pay billions in excise, payroll, and other taxes. If these organizations fall behind on their tax payments, relief may be available in the form of an IRS business installment agreement.  Read on to… Read more »