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When Can The IRS Seize My Assets?

REasons why the IRS might seize your assets In some ways, mortgage bankers and tax collectors are a lot alike. Many bankers like to say that they do not foreclose on loans because they want the houses; they just want the payments. Notwithstanding allegations that bankers targeted certain groups during the mortgage crisis, that’s probably… Read more »

How The IRS Proves Tax Evasion, Even With No Records?

Proving Tax Fraud is Possible Without Records The IRS files thousands of tax fraud cases a year, making it the most commonly-charged offense in the Tax Code. In many of these cases, the taxpayer’s records are incomplete.  In many other cases, the taxpayer has no records whatsoever. Everybody knows that if the government has no evidence,… Read more »

Failure to File Penalties Explained

Overview of IRS Failure-to-file Civil Penalties Criminal tax evasion cases are difficult to establish in court, because there are so many moving parts and the burden of proof is so high. Much like the case against Mr. Capone, the criminal prosecution may only be Round One, because the IRS still has tools available to get… Read more »

What Are The Elements Of The Innocent Spouse Rule?

How to Get Out of a Joint Tax Debt Using Innocent Spouse If the IRS had a motto, it would definitely be show me the money. The Service will collect every dollar of tax revenue that it can using any means at its disposal. However, there are always exceptions, and the elements of the innocent… Read more »

Doubt as to Collectibility Offers

Requirements for Doubt as to Collectibility Offers in Compromise Before approving any Offer in Compromise (except DATL), the IRS must first calculate “Reasonable Collection Potential” (RCP), and determine if a “Doubt as to Collectibilty” exists.  If there is a Doubt-as-to-Collectibility, the IRS may accept the Offer in Compromise.  Otherwise, the DATC Offer will be rejected…. Read more »

What’s The Difference Between Tax Avoidance And Tax Evasion?

Simple Breakdown of Tax Avoidance v Tax Evasion So you may be asking yourself simply out of curiosity or perhaps even for personal reasons “what’s the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion?”  Either way…we don’t judge.  But allow us to break it down for you. The simple answer, courtesy of the IRS Fraud Handbook,… Read more »

The Offer In Compromise Program: Qualifications

An Overview of The Offer in Compromise Program Most of us have seen the television commercials. “I hadn’t filed a tax return since the George W. Bush administration and the IRS was threatening to levy my blood plasma. Then I called The Tax Terminator. All my IRS problems vanished, and I also received a lifetime… Read more »

Innocent Spouse Relief Indications of Unfairness Explained

Filing for Innocent Spouse Relied can be a bit murky and rather frustrating and the IRS is very particular about the qualifiers.  The IRS takes into consideration all of the facts and circumstances in your case in order to determine whether or not it is unfair to hold you responsible for your spouse’s understated tax. … Read more »

Unpaid Taxes? Your U.S. Passport May Be at Risk

When it comes to tax law,there is more than one way to bake a cake.  The area is complex, and there is always more than one way to look at any given situation or interpret a particular case. Always remember, though, that the legal complexity also gives the I.R.S. a full bag of “tools” with which… Read more »