Why You Should Hire a Tax Attorney for Your Tax Audit Defense

Only a few occasions such as a visit to the doctor can invoke the same dread that you get when you have an upcoming tax audit by the IRS. Any taxpayer that has never been audited before can easily dismiss these fears as they are unsure of what to expect. However, this uncertainty can only be eliminated by hiring a competent tax audit defense attorney. An experienced tax defense attorney will offer you a myriad of benefits as opposed to choosing a CPA as some people do. If you or your spouse have an upcoming tax audit then it is only fair that you get a qualified tax attorney. Read on to learn why you should always get the services of a tax defense attorney.

Types of audits

It is extremely important that you get to learn the different types of tax audits that the IRS can initiate before choosing an attorney. Some of them include:

1. Correspondence audit

This type of audit is mostly made for fixing any minor errors that appear on your recently filed tax returns. This type of audit can be handled via email hence the name.

2. Office audit

An office audit, unlike a correspondence audit, is a bit more complex and will require you to visit the IRS offices with all the necessary documents. This type of audit is often invoked when the IRS feels the need to audit your taxes. The IRS will send you an invitation to visit their offices and inform you about all the documents that you should bring along. It is advisable that you hire a tax defense attorney.

3. Field audits

These are almost similar to office audits but the IRS officials will visit you instead. The officials have the discretion to visit you at your home, in your business premises or even at your tax attorney’s office. Field audits are not always compulsory and you can instead ask for an office audit. However, you will have to give some reasonable explanations as to your reservations but it is not guaranteed that the IRS will grant this request. After all, the IRS believes that most people who object a field audit are trying to hide something.

Why you should hire a tax defense attorney for your tax audit

Now that you understand how tax audits work, it is crucial to understand the essence of a great tax defense team. Here are a couple of reasons why you need a tax defense attorney.

To reduce or eliminate any errors

There are very high chances that you might make a couple of errors when filing your taxes or when preparing for a tax audit. Tax returns normally take about 30 days to take effect when you file them but this will be delayed if there are any mathematical errors in your report. Other things that can cause delays include missing entries in all or some of the sections and even discrepancies between what you paid and what the IRS records indicate.

A tax defense attorney understands the laws

Most people do not have the technical expertise with regards to tax laws and how IRS officials should conduct their audits. While it is common knowledge that IRS officials are looking for any discrepancies in a tax audit, not many people can handle the IRS as tax attorneys can. For example, it is common for people to expose themselves more than necessary when explaining something during an audit. This, in turn, makes the audit more complicated as the IRS officials can capitalize on it. A tax professional will not only advise you on what to say but also the documents that you should legally provide.

It is worth noting that any questions asked by the IRS are often aimed at getting a particular response that you may not know. This is why you should let a professional handle your tax defense. Furthermore, officials from the IRS will always look for ways to make you pay more taxes and they have a lot of experience and strategies to achieve this goal. When it comes to taxation matters, it is very simple for some errors to look intentional. In such a case, your IRS auditor will not hesitate to refer you to their Criminal Investigation Branch/division. A proficient tax defense attorney will help you avoid this.

You will get a better outcome

It is well known among the legal profession, at least, that IRS officials will treat you differently if you are being represented by a qualified official. These officials understand that attorneys and other tax professionals have spent years understanding the laws and the IRS code. This means that you are likely to get a faster turnaround and better outcome from your tax audit.

Little document requests

There are two rules that often apply when you are dealing with the IRS. First, you should send all the documents promptly and you should never give them anything that they do not ask for. If you happen to send the wrong documents than it is likely that the auditors will still scrutinize them in the hopes of finding any incriminating information. Hiring a tax lawyer is a good idea since they know the law and will guide you on what you need to submit to the authorities.

Finding the perfect tax defense attorney

There are a couple of things that you need to consider when looking for the perfect tax defense attorney. First, you need to look for a person that specializes in your specific problem. Do you need help in audits, estate issues or back taxes? Find someone who has the expertise in the kind of services you want. You can also have a chat with them to understand their bar associations or even background as a tax defense attorney. Most tax attorneys will offer you free consultation or an inexpensive consultation. This will help you judge their proficiency and background before settling on one specific professional. Contact an Attorney

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