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IRS Notices for Unfiled Tax Returns

A red stamp labeled "Important Notice"

You might be unaware that you have unfiled tax returns until you get a notification from the IRS.  These notifications can take on many forms, so it’s important to hire a tax debt attorney to help guide you through the paperwork and the next steps to navigate the exemptions, credits, and deductions you are entitled to.

Key Insights We Will Discuss:

  1.  Types of notices the IRS may send to alert you to unfiled tax returns
  2. How a tax attorney can help guide you through IRS notices

List of IRS Notices for Unfiled Tax Returns

Benefits of Hiring a Tax Attorney

When you get a notification from the IRS, you shouldn’t try to navigate the process by yourself.  Instead, a tax attorney can help you contact the IRS and determine what steps to take to file the necessary forms and protect your assets.  Tax attorneys can also assist with any IRS appeals you want to make and can help arrange any payment plans you might need.

Contact an Attorney

When you get an IRS notice alerting you to unfiled tax returns, contact Ayar Law at 800-571-7175 to receive free, no-obligation tax advice from one of our experienced senior tax attorneys.

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