IRS Tax Audit Appeals

IRS Tax Audit Appeals

If you have been audited by the IRS and disagree with the results, there are many avenues for appeals. A qualified IRS tax audit attorney can help guide you through the process.  Depending on how much time has passed since the end of the IRS tax audit, appeals options include

  • Filing an IRS appeal with the Office of Appeals
  • Litigating the issue in Tax Court or District Court
  • Requesting an audit reconsideration
  • Submitting a doubt-as-to-liability offer in compromise
  • Applying for a penalty abatement

After a State tax audit, you only have a certain number of days to file a written request with the Treasury Department for an informal appeals conference. There are other time limits to other kinds of appeals. If you miss all of the appeals deadline, it is still possible to get your state to re-open your audit and correct your balance at any time, but only in cases involving a clear error.

But don’t wait one more day. If you want to appeal your audit, contact us immediately to speak to a qualified, state and IRS tax audit lawyer to talk about how we can help.

For more information about audit appeals including deadlines, please see IRS Appeals Process and Alternatives.