IRS and State Tax Audit Defense

Tax Audit Defense

Few things inspire terror as much as notice of an IRS or state tax audit, and the IRS conducted 1.2 million last year. Most commonly, audits are the result of the IRS or state identifying “red flags” on returns that they believe require information verification. Sometimes, tax audits result from an informant’s tip. Should the auditor find additional tax is owed, they will usually try to assess penalties in addition to the tax. In some cases, these penalties can amount to more than the actual tax! There is even a possibility of criminal charges.

Don’t lose a minute’s sleep; take action.

The Right IRS Audit Defense Attorney is Key to the Best Audit Results

In some cases, your choice of audit representation can easily mean the difference between facing criminal charges or walking away with a tax bill. It can also mean the difference between an auditor assessing large penalties against you or only minimal penalties – or no penalties at all. A skillful, experienced representative can often focus an auditor’s attention on a few specific issues within one year. Using a less highly trained, less experienced representative makes it much more likely that an auditor will closely scrutinize every line of your tax returns and documentation for discrepancies going back three years.

How to Get the Best Possible Result in an IRS Tax Audit

You need a skilled attorney who is trained and experienced in negotiating. CPAs do not have this kind of training. Beware of the national tax resolution companies advertising “tax professionals” and “former IRS agents” to represent you in an audit: they do not have the same skills and education of a tax lawyer. A skilled tax audit attorney knows when to make strategic concessions to keep other issues from being audited. Without a qualified tax lawyer, you are subject to the whims of the auditor.

Whether it’s an IRS audit you need help with, or a State tax audit, contact Ayar Law to speak to a highly qualified and experienced tax attorney about your audit. Learn more about income tax audit defense.

Ayar Law IRS Tax Audit Lawyers

Ayar Law attorneys are highly proficient in negotiating with the IRS; we do it every business day. Our goals are to avoid criminal prosecution, minimize or completely avoid penalties and refocus the audit to your advantage. We are your neighbors. We personally meet with you. You will be represented by a senior attorney you can easily reach any time you have questions about your audit.

You Can Appeal a Past Audit Result

Ayar Law also can appeal disappointing audit results even if we were not involved in the original audit. Your remedies vary according to the time since your audit, so don’t wait. Contact us today 800.571.7175.

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