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Unfiled Tax Return Help

At Ayar Law, we understand your problems with unfiled or late tax returns. Many of our clients need help with back taxes, especially if they have not filed recent federal or state tax returns. You are not alone; having unfiled tax returns is a more common problem than you might think. If you wait until the government pursues the taxes it says you owe, the results can be disastrous. For example, you can lose access to many of your financial assets, making it impossible to pay your other bills.

The Internal Revenue Service pays attention if you have unfiled tax returns and late filed returns. Congress recently passed the 2022 Climate, Health and Tax Package, which included $80 billion in funding for the IRS. The agency will use the money to modernize its systems and step up enforcement. If you have unfiled tax returns or late filed returns, it’s now important more than ever to address the problem.

Unlike many areas of the law in which there is a statute of limitations—a time limit on when you can take legal action—the IRS can proceed against a taxpayer for an unfiled tax return no matter how many years have gone by. The expert legal counsel of Ayar Law can help.

Perhaps you have received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service or the Michigan Department of the Treasury relating to unfiled tax returns or late filed tax returns. It’s understandable to be uncertain about what to do in such a situation. It’s important to know when it comes to the consequences of unfiled tax returns, or regarding late filed tax returns, waiting makes your situation worse. That’s because accrued penalties and interest can grossly inflate your tax liabilities if you have unfiled tax returns. Your bank accounts also can be frozen and your wages can be garnished. In some cases, criminal charges and prison time are possible.

By having Ayar Law in your corner, we can negotiate with the IRS regarding the years you didn’t file. The IRS may have reached its own conclusion as to what you owe. If this happens, Ayar Law can assess whether you qualify for an IRS Offer in Compromise, a way of negotiating with the IRS to pay a lesser amount. If the IRS has not yet demanded a specific sum from you relating to your unfiled tax returns, Ayar Law can help you take action promptly before the IRS reaches a determination independently as to what you should pay for the year, or years, in which you didn’t file.

If you need help filing back taxes, it is important to immediately act. Our tax attorneys can help address any legal issues related to unfiled tax returns before enforcement actions are taken against you. The best thing you can do is file your back taxes, even if you cannot immediately pay in full. With advice from Ayar Law, a plan can be put in place for you with the IRS or the Michigan Department of the Treasury. In this way, fines and penalties will stop piling up, existing fines and penalties could possibly be reduced or eliminated, and a plan may be put in place for the payment of any taxes that you may owe.

Getting Help with Back Taxes Does Not Require You to Find Old Financial Records

Life is not always orderly: businesses close, people move, stuff gets lost. Don’t let record-keeping problems hold you back from resolving your unfiled tax returns problem. At Ayar Law, we have a solution. If you are unable to locate financial or tax records relating to years you didn’t file, the experienced tax attorneys at Ayar Law, serving Detroit and Farmington Hills and clients nationwide, can obtain income and expense information directly from the IRS. We then combine that information with the results of our forensic accounting analysis to prepare accurate tax returns that take full advantage of the law.

You may understandably be concerned about coming up with the money you owe. However, if you’ve been unable to file previously, there is a good chance that you will not need to pay more than legally necessary at the time. In this way, your entire household budget is not used to pay off a tax debt. Ayar Law can provide solutions for clients with unfiled tax returns nationwide, in Michigan, and the Detroit area, including Farmington Hills.

The Best Solution for Your Individual Tax Situation

Times have been tough, especially since the Pandemic. Failing to pay your taxes is not a crime if you do not have the means. Ayar Law’s IRS and state tax attorneys will examine your specific situation and take the best actions to achieve IRS tax relief and stop collections against you and your family. When you get help with unfiled tax returns from our experienced tax lawyers, you may never have to pay your back taxes, depending upon your financial condition.

If you need help with back taxes, waiting to file can be disastrous. Contact Ayar Law’s IRS and state tax attorneys for a free consultation if you have unfiled tax returns and need professional guidance.

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