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3 Things to Know Before You Request Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief

You may be able to eliminate some or all of your marital tax debt by requesting innocent spouse relief.  If you think you may qualify, contact a tax attorney right away to discuss your case. Key Insights We Will Discuss:  You have a limited time to request relief  You may request relief from understated and… Read more »

What to Do If Your Spouse Has Requested Innocent Spouse Relief

What happens if my spouse files for Innocent Spouse Relief? When the IRS grants innocent spouse relief to one spouse, it effectively shifts all the responsibility onto the other spouse. Instead of being able to go after either or both spouses for the amounts from a joint return, the IRS will only be able to… Read more »

How to File for Innocent Spouse Relief

How to file for innocent spouse relief

  Steps to File For Innocent Spouse Relief The IRS requires taxpayers to follow two steps to apply for innocent spouse relief: Submit a completed Form 8857, Request of Innocent Spouse Relief Attach a statement explaining why you qualify for relief However, meeting these requirements is anything but simple. Form 8857 is long and requires… Read more »

The Three Types of Innocent Spouse Relief

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Typically, taxpayers who file joint returns are both responsible for the entire tax, interest, and penalties associated with that return. Innocent spouse relief can provide one spouse with an exception to the general rule of joint and several liability. For example, say your spouse earned all the income and claimed all the deductions and credits… Read more »