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How Can An IRS Lawyer Protect My Passport?

passport revokation

Four Winning IRS Passport Revocation Strategies In 2015, the federal government authorized the IRS to take the passports of taxpayers who have seriously delinquent tax debt. Under the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act), the government must deny a passport application and may revoke a current passport. Early intervention is usually the best way… Read more »

My Spouse Screwed Me Over….Now What?

Making a Case for IRS Innocent Spouse Relief We have tried to drill it in hard that when you sign a return, you are responsible for everything that is on that return, regardless of who prepared it.  So it should come as no shock that the same applies for a joint return with your spouse…. Read more »

IRS Innocent Spouse Relief: Three Different Variations

A Quick Discussion on the 3 IRS Innocent Spouse Relief Programs In this post, we will describe each type of relief to available to a married taxpayer who filed a joint tax return with their spouse, all commonly referred to as IRS Innocent Spouse.   Both taxpayers are jointly and severally liable for the tax and… Read more »